I love you Anna...

It seems that the overthrow of satanism and the New World Order" or new 'Roman empire' has already been decided.
The "New Age (NWO)adherents, and all these who took the mark of the "New Age Relgious initiation"(Mark of the Beast) are described as hiding themselves in their dens and secret caves, vainly seeking to escape ruin.

In such a day, when the signs of the times show those who believe in God's word, that the King of kings is approaching, Christians are called to a decided course, and to a bold confession of Christ and his truth before their fellowmen. Whatever they may have to endure, the short contempt of man is to be borne, rather than that shame which is everlasting.


This point in time clearly points to events in the not so distant future.
When the elite and the followers of satan will have finally realized their serious mortal error, and truly come to terms with the evil nature of their satanic deception. Then they will know, everyone who supported the Beast system (NWO Satanic initiation) will know that they were deceived by Lucifer all along, and that they actually opossed the true Lord and his peoplarn them.
-But at that time it will have been too late for those who rejected the law of the true God, Jehovah, and the word of His Son Christ Jesus.

This is why it is so important to wake up today, and look at this world, and the direction it is headed, and make a concious decision to return to our Lord for our salavation.